Everyone needs a good night’s sleep but for many those precious few hours are often disrupted and restless. Do you find it hard to get to sleep? Wake up feeling more tired than before you went to bed? You’re not alone. There are many sleep remedies you can try to help you make the most of your resting hours. Here at Sleeping-Remedies.com we want to help you become rested, relaxed and revitalised.

How much sleep do I need?

Adults generally need between 7 and 8 hours of undisturbed sleep each night. Each night you get less than 7 hours sleep you build up a Sleep Debt. The less sleep you get each night the faster the sleep debt builds up. The cumulative lack of sleep will gradually cause problems such as loss of concentration, fatigue, blurred vision and irritability. If the reduced amount of sleep continues for a prolonged period it can cause serious conditions like depression, heart disease and diabetes.

How do I get better sleep?

Sleep Remedies: Lady Sleeping

Don’t despair there are many sleep remedies that can help you get a good night’s sleep. To start with you need to make your bedroom a place or rest and tranquillity. It should be as dark and as quiet as possible. Excess light and noise will disturb your sleep. Blackout blinds are a simple method of reducing the light that enters your bedroom. If this isn’t possible then wearing a sleeping mask is a good sleep aid. In addition to blackout blinds, noise reduction curtains will help reduce the amount of unwanted noise you can hear whilst sleeping. In extreme cases such as living next to a noisy railway line or busy road then special noise reduction windows can be fitted. A less expensive solution is to wear earplugs and these can be used while staying away from home too.

Stress is a major contributor to insomnia. Many people go to bed and find it difficult to sleep because their mind is very active with thoughts and worries. Try to switch off from your day. Take a relaxing bath before bedtime or read a book until you start to feel sleepy. You may find that a soothing herbal tea such as Chamomile will help to relax you.

Taking regular exercise can boost your whole health and well-being. As well as improving your health a few minutes exercise every day will help you to feel naturally tired at bedtime. Many people get put off of exercising because they can’t face spending hours in a gym. There are plenty of other ways to take exercise though. Simply walking or riding a bicycle for short journeys instead of taking the car. Using the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Just by making a few small changes you can make a big difference to your health and sleep.

Watch your caffeine intake. Many people who have difficulty sleeping find they need a cup of coffee to get them started in the morning. Caffeine is addictive though and you may find yourself drinking more and more of it throughout the day. Drinking coffee too near to your bedtime will make it hard to get to sleep. If stopping caffeine altogether is not an option then try to reduce the amount you drink as it gets nearer to the evening.

By following some of the tips discussed above you should hopefully be able get more rest and better sleep. For more help and advice on sleep remedies and getting a good night’s sleep read through the other articles on this site.